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Sean Bean as Alec Trevelyan

Alec Trevelyan was a British Secret Service agent, codename 006, until he faked his death at the hands of Arkady Ourumov and reinvented himself as the villain known as Janus and formed the Janus Syndicate.

In the 1995 film GoldenEye, Trevelyan was portrayed by English actor Sean Bean.



From the Cradle to the GraveEdit

"For England, James?"

"No. For me."

-Alec Trevelyan and James Bond, the last words they will ever say to each other.

Trevelyan shoved Bond against the ladder and pointed his gun at him. Trevelyan laughed, stating that he was always better. Bond kicked the lever which opened the door beneath him and slid down on the ladder. Trevelyan pursued him down and knocked him down to the platform beneath. 

Trevelyan jumped onto Bond and began to violently choke him. Just then, a helicopter appeared, hovering nearby. The pilot had been taken hostage by Natalya, which distracted Trevelyan long enough for Bond to headbutt him and send him over the edge of the platform. Bond was quick to catch his former friend by the ankles.

Trevelyan was surprised, thinking he would of been dead by then. He looked up to see his saviour and chuckled to himself. He asked Bond if he was doing it "For England," but Bond replied that he was doing it for himself. He then released Trevelyan and the screaming villain plunged into the basin.

Trevelyan survived, however, most likely breaking several bones in the process. He turns his bloodied head to look up at Bond one final time before Bond leapt from the platform to the helicopter. Natalya forced the pilot to fly away as the satellite array exploded. Trevelyan screamed as the burning debris came hurtling toward him and then landed on top of him, crushing 006 to death.

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