Johnathan pryce TND

Jonathan Pryce as Elliot Carver

Elliot Carver was a British media baron and the owner of Tomorrow newspaper who secretly manipulated events around the world to boost ratings. These came to a head when he decided to partner up with General Chang to destroy Beijing in hopes of starting a war between China and Britain.

In the 1997 film Tomorrow Never Dies, Carver was portrayed by English actor Jonathan Pryce.



Final IssueEdit

Carver shoved Bond against the control panel and pointed his gun at him. Carver mocked Bond, telling him that thanks to him the British fleet would destroy any evidence implicating him in the coming disaster. He failed to notice Bond activating the Sea-Vac drill behind him. Bond then told Carver he had some breaking news for him, just as the drill crashed through a pane of glass, alerting Carver to it. He turned around, allowing Bond to disarm him and shove him against the control panel. Bond told Carver to give the people what they want and released him at the last second. Carver screamed in horror as the drill reached him and he was torn apart along with the control panel.

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