Goldeneye novel

GoldenEye was the second and last film to be adapted from a film into a book by continuation author John Gardner. He previously wrote the novelization of Licence to Kill, before Raymond Benson became the official continuation author and he adapted the rest of Pierce Brosnan's films.


In 1986, during the raid of a Soviet chemical plant, MI6 agent Alec Trevelyan 006 is killed in front of his close friend, James Bond 007, by General Ourumov. Nine years later, a nefarious group known as the Janus Syndicate, of which Ourumov is a member, hijacks a satellite known as the GoldenEye, and Bond is assigned to investigate. He teams up with skilled programmer Natalya Simonova to defeat Janus when he learns of their true intentions; to rob the Bank of England and then destroy London to cover their tracks. The biggest bombshell comes, however, when Bond encounters the true leader of Janus; Alec Trevelyan.

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