Guerra was a high-ranking member of the SPECTRE organization. Following the death of Marco Sciarra at the hands of James Bond in Mexico, a meeting of many SPECTRE members was held in Rome. Here, Guerra volunteered to take over for Sciarra's last assignment; to travel to Austria to kill the "Pale King." When Moreau asked if anyone else would like to volunteer for the position, Mr. Hinx silently entered the room and presented himself to the board. When Moreau asked the mysterious man to state his credentials, he calmly grabbed Guerra and slammed his head on the desk before gouging his eyes out. Guerra screamed in pain before Hinx ended his suffering by quickly snapping his beck. Hinx then silently sat down in Guerro's seat and the job was passed to him.

In the 2015 film Spectre, Guerra is portrayed by Spanish actor Benito Sagredo.