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James Bond is fictional character created by English writer and former naval officer Ian Fleming.

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Licence to Kill is actually an ironic title, because the film sees James Bond
LTK poster
have his licence revoked. After Felix Leiter (David Hedison) gets his leg bitten off by a shark and his wife killed on their wedding, Bond (Timothy Dalton) sets out on a vendetta to avenge his friend by taking down Latin American drug lord Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi). Enlisting the help of ex-Army pilot turned CIA informant Pam Bouvier (Carey Lowell), Bond makes his way to the Republic of Isthmus and infiltrates Sanchez' operation and plays on the kingpin's insecurities, causing him to turn on his own men.

Helped by the thrilling and underrated score by Michael Kamen, Licence to Kill is a top tier Bond movie. Dalton gives the better of his two performances as the secret agent, while Davi is an absolute live wire as the villain. The locations are just as beautiful as the women; Carey Lowell and Talisa Soto both make sizzling company for our dear James. A worthy swan song for both Dalton and director John Glen.

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Elliot Carver is perhaps one of the most realistic villains Bond has ever faced. Played memorably by Jonathan Pryce,
Johnathan pryce TND
Carver is a thinly-veiled satire of controversial media baron Rupert Murdoch. From the offices of his Tomorrow newspaper in Hamburg, Carver sets in motion a series of events that leaves the world teetering on the brink of World War Three. His endgame? Oh, nothing. Just exclusive broadcasting rights in China for the next hundred years.

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Melina Havelock is one of the more interesting Bond girls, especially from the Roger Moore era. Melina, played
Carole bouquet FYEO
wonderfully by the utterly gorgeous Carole Bouquet, is a woman on a mission; to kill the man behind the murder of her parents. Armed with a crossbow, she crosses paths with Bond in his own quest multiple times, and it isn't at all long before they team up to bring down the baddies together.

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