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Christopher Walken as Max Zorin

Max Zorin was a former KGB agent and industrialist who oversaw Project Main Strike, a plan to trigger an earthquake and flood Silicon Valley in order to gain a monopoly on the microchip industry.

In the 1985 film A View to a Kill, Zorin was portrayed by American actor Christopher Walken.


A View to a KillEdit

Zorin was born in Dresden around the end of the Second World War. He was the product of experimental steroids used on his mother by Nazi scientist Hans Glaub. This resulted in Zorin becoming highly intelligent, but also psychopathic. After Dresden became part of East Germany, he moved to France, where became a leading industrialist, specializing in the microchip market.

Project Main StrikeEdit

Zorin devised a plot to trigger an earthquake at the San Andreas Fault in order to flood Silicon Valley and wipe out his competition.


Fed up with the failure of his henchmen, Zorin unbelted himself and grabbed an axe as Stacey jumped onto the bridge's framework. She slipped and was left dangling over the edge. Bond tried to pull her back up, but Zorin attacked him, swinging the axe around and trying to hit him with it. Both men grabbed hold of the axe, trying to take it for themselves, but Zorin pinned Bond down and pushed the axe against his throat, choking him. 

Bond punched Zorin and got back to his feet while Stacey grabbed Zorin's trouser leg and tried to pull him down. He kicked her away and then took another swing at Bond. Boond kicked him and they both fell over the edge, clinging to the framework for dear life. Zorin swung the axe again, but Bond grabbed the axe and kicked Zorin, forcing him to release it. Zorin tried to grab Bond to pull himself back up, but was unsuccessful. 

In the blimp, Mortner had just regained conciousness, and came to the open door to observe the fight. Zorin was still dangling from the edge, slowly losing his grip. Mortner cried out his name, and Zorin looked at him for the last time. Zorin then started to laugh maniacally before he let go and plummeted into the water to his doom.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The role of Zorin was originally offered to English rock musician David Bowie, who turned it down because he didn't want to spend the day "watching his stunt double falling off cliffs." The role was next offered to Dutch actor Rutger Hauer, who also turned it down. Finally, the role was offered to American actor Christopher Walken, who, being a lifelong Bond fan, accepted immediately.
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