Never Say Never Again

Directed by

Irvin Kershner


Sean Connery
Kim Basinger
Klaus Maria Brandauer
Barbara Carrera

Music by

Michel Legrand

Preceded by

Casino Royale

Never Say Never Again is a 1983 spy film based on the James Bond novel Thunderball written by Ian Fleming. It is not a part of the official Bond film series produced by Eon Productions yet the star of the earliest Eon films, Sean Connery, returns to play James Bond. The film also features Kim Basinger as the Bond girl Domino Petachi, Klaus Maria Brandauer as the villain Maximillian Largo, Barbara Carrera as his henchwoman Fatima Blush, Bernie Casey as Bond's CIA contact Felix Leiter, and Edward Fox, Alec McCowen and Pamela Salem as the MI6 regulars, M, Miss Moneypenny and Q respectively.


Sean Connery as James Bond, British MI6 agent 007.

Kim Basinger as Domino Petachi, Jack Petachi's sister, Largo's mistress and Bond's main love interest.

Klaus Maria Brandauer as Maximillian Largo, a member of SPECTRE who is charged with overseeing their NATO project and the main antagonist of the film.

Barbara Carrera as Fatima Blush, Largo's main henchwoman.

Pat Roach as Lippe, an assassin sent by Blush to kill Bond at Shrublands.

Milow Kirek as Kovacs, another one of Largo's henchman.

Max von Sydow as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the leader of SPECTRE.

Bernie Casey as Felix Leiter, Bond's CIA contact.

Rowan Atkinson as Nigel Small-Fawcett, the British Foreign Office representative in the Bahamas.

Gaven O'Herlihy as Jack Petachi, Domino's brother and United States Air Force pilot.

Saskia Cohen Tanugi as Nicole, Bond's French contact.

Prunella Gee as Patricia Fearing, a physiotherapist at Shrublands.

Lucy Hornak as Nurse Evans, another nurse employed at Shrublands.

Valerie Leon as the Lady in the Bahamas, a tourist whom Bond seduces.

Anthony Van Laast as Kurt, Domino's dance instructor.

Manning Redwood as General Miller, a U.S. Army general.

Billy J. Mitchell as Captain Pederson, a submarine captain.

Vincent Marzallo as Culpepper, a U.S. representative at NATO.

Robert Rietty and Guido Adorni as the Italian Ministers.

Edward Fox as M, the head of MI6 and Bond's superior.

Anthony Sharp as Lord Ambrose, the one who tells M to reactivate the 00-section.

Ronald Pickup as Elliott, a government agent who evaluates Bond with M.

Alec McCowen as Algernon, the MI6 quartermaster.

Pamela Salem as Miss Moneypenny, M's secretary.


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The score for the film was composed by Michel Legrand, who created a soundtrack similar to his work as a jazz pianist.

The theme song for Never Say Never Again was performed by American singer Lani Hall. The singer was selected to do the song after Bonnie Tyler, who disliked the song written by Legrand, Alan and Marilyn Bergman, reluctantly declined.