Berenice marlohe SF

Berenice Marlohe as Severine

Severine was a representative of Raoul Silva who encountered James Bond during his search for Silva. The two later made love before Silva captured them and coldly executed Severine by shooting her in the head.

In the 2012 film Skyfall, Severine is portrayed by French actress Berenice Marlohe.


Severine slept with James Bond aboard her yacht. However, when her bodyguard brought them to an island owned by Raoul Silva, Severine was led away. Severine was then brutally beaten by Silva, before being tied to a fallen statue. Silva placed a shot glass on her head and handed Bond a pistol. Bond, however, missed the shot on purpose to spare Severine, but it made no difference as Silva coldly shot her dead mere seconds later.
Berenice marlohe SF 2

With fear in her eyes, a battered Severine awaits her demise

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